Guest Post :: Mandy Fricke Provides Tips to Encourage Reading


The Importance of Reading and Writing During Summer Break   Have you heard of the “summer slide”? This phrase refers to the phenomenon that the average student loses the equivalent of up to one month of instruction during the summer months. Disadvantaged students might lose even more. Research on summer reading habits demonstrates that regular reading during the hot months has a significant impact on later academic success ( In order to make sure that your child’s only summer slide is a water slide, follow these tips on summer reading.     Visit Your Local Library: If you've got little ones, make library visits part of your regular summer rotations. You’ll definitely appreciate the air conditioning when the temperature soars. Many libraries have summer reading programs. If the library is inconvenient, … [Read more...]

Fuel Reading this Summer with PBS Kids Free Resources


For many families, school got out this past week and many parents (especially moms) might be thinking about ways they plan to keep their children busy and minds active.  Studies have shown that children score lower on reading and writing tests at the end of the summer than from the end of the school year.  According to a study from Improve Reading research shows: ~ Students who read over the summer do better in school in the fall. ~ Students who do not read over the summer demonstrate academic loss in fall. ~ 8 out of 10 studies indicate students who read for fun outperformed those who did not. ~ Students read more when they can choose their own books. ~ Reading 5 books over the summer can prevent academic loss. ~ Summer reading loss is cumulative.  By the end of 6th grade, children who do not read over the summer are two years behind other children.   PBS Kids … [Read more...]