Guest Post :: Garrett Hedman of Cutie Bear


  Nighttime Stories… with an iPad?                             By Garrett Hedman         Every night, Ryan, a six-year-old wild child, stands at the top of the stairs in his pajamas with a devious smile.  He’s occasionally topless; occasionally bottomless; sometimes his clothes are mismatched, but he always waits patiently at the top of the stairs.  Ryan’s preparing for one of the greatest series of events a six-year-old could dream of, a piggyback down the stairs to his room, one-on-one time with mom, and a nighttime story.   It’s our sacred ritual, a bedtime story.  Yet, now that there are tablet books, will our glowing screens of interactivity destroy the traditions of the past or innovate for the future?     A good bedtime story should include the following:   1)     A comfortable reading … [Read more...]