App of the Week: The Day I Became A Pirate


By now most of you know I have a thing for pirates!  So when I saw this fun app in the App Store a few months back I immediately welcomed our newest mate to the high seas.  Cary Snowden wrote The Day I Became A Pirate after a long walk along the shores in Hawaii with his children.  Zach Clough does a wonderful job with the illustrations and I just love the way the pirates talk in the app.  Very fun!  It reached the Top 10 Paid Apps in iTunes and was chosen as a 2012 Award Finalist by Dan Poynter Global eBooks.  This will surely be a popular addition for the pirate-loving kid!  Here is an  excerpt from their website: The Day I Became A Pirate – An Interactive Pirate Book App for Kids is an interactive adventure book app about a boy who encounters a band of pirates, and they need his help to save a crew member. He bravely assists as things get gooey and downright fright’nin before he … [Read more...]