Book of the Week: The HuggaSnuggas: a Cozy Calendar


    "This is too cute!" was the first thing I said when I read and looked at the illustrations in Pixel Mouse House new eBook The HuggaSnuggas: a Cozy Calendar.  I absolutely love the illustrations and story by Ted Enik.  The story is about Little Emma who wrote a poem about each of her snugga's (stuffed animals).  The poems are really sweet such as the one about her penguin.  "For January this Penguin chick would pick a snowfall, very thick.  Did I mention how much I love the illustrations?  They are gorgeous and just so darn cute! One of my favorite poems was the one about the monkey. "A Monkey's favorite time to play is Silly August Saturdays."  Each of her twelve special stuffed "snuggas," a wolf, monkey, butterfly, robin, and even a crab all have poems written just for and about them.  This is a great eBook to read to your toddler at nighttime.  It could turn into … [Read more...]

Book of the Week: The Four Little Pigs


Pixel Mouse House has just released a new eBook called The Four Little Pigs.  Yes, that's right - four little pigs!  Written and illustrated by Jose Maria Cardona and edited by Ted Enik, this story opens up wth three slim, springy and fast brothers jumping around. Their youngest brother is a roly-poly, pudgy fellow who has a hard time keeping up with his siblings.  For example, when he tries to cross over the wood footbridge, it isn't strong enough to hold him up so plop he goes into the river for a surprise cold bath.  He also has a hard time jumping up high to bouncve the ball on his head like his brothers can do so easily.  The illustrations are fun and Jose Maria Cardona does a good job at showing the different emotions the brothers are feeling.  You can just image how they feel when a mean, lean and hungry-lookiing wolf shows up in their yard.  The four little pigs stop what … [Read more...]