App of the Week :: Nighty Night Construction Trucks


  Nighty Night Construction Trucks is an interactive book app for children five and younger.  You have options to "read to me" or "read by myself". There is a soft lullaby playing when the storybook first opens that will stop while most of the story is being told until it is time for the day to end. You are able to choose a particular page by tapping the open book icon [top left corner] on main page. It's easy to turn the pages by tapping on an arrow at the bottom right corner of each page. The storybook app is interactive and children are able to recognize by stars and sparkles with a [very light] intensity of which item(s) on the pages. Each word is highlighted in the "read to me" option which makes it easy to follow along.     Nighty Night Construction Trucks is the second installment in the Nighty Night bedtime book series. Overall, it is the fourth … [Read more...]

App of the Week: Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighty Night


  The other day I was driving my daughter to school and she was playing with the iPad in the car.  She immediately chose to play with this new app I am reviewing today called Twinkle, Twinkle, Nighty Night by Alexis H. Purcell.  I can see why as you can't help but be drawn in by the soothing music and cute illustrations.  This is the perfect story before nap time or bedtime.  The first page of the story provides you with a choice between having the story read to you or reading it to yourself.  This is a great feature for early readers to practice their reading skills.  You can also choose to have the music on or off.  Again, the music is ideal for this type of bedtime storybook!     The animations are simple such as when you touch the owl and her babies, they hoot (or coo is more like it) and blink open and shut their eyes.  As you turn the pages, it sounds … [Read more...]