Hollywood Blockbuster Production Designer James Lewis creates Fun Town


NEW APP FROM HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER PRODUCTION DESIGNER JAMES LEWIS Touch & Learn, the development studio started by Hollywood Production Designer, James Lewis (credits include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Band of Brothers, Love Actually, Exodus and many more), today officially announced the release of their brand new edutainment app for 2 – 6 year old kids and their parents. In addition to being the Art Director of smash hit Hollywood movies, James Lewis has found time to design and release nine very special apps for his and everyone else’s kids! Latest offering ‘Fun Town’ sees a beautifully animated town  environment   turned   into   a   virtual   children’s   playground.   Kids   can interact with the townsfolk and vehicles, or visit the shops – each its own mini-game with 14 beautifully animated mini-games to discover in total. Learn how to grow your favorite flower … [Read more...]

App of the Week: Fiete by Ahoiii


      Developer Ahoiii from Germany has created such a wonderful app with Fiete.  I love the simplicity of the story and the unique activities they offer.  On the first page we see a sailor with a smile on his face waving to us.  The story opens up with an octopus in the ocean, a ship sailing by and six activities to try out.  We first chose the icon with the hat in it.  This is sweet as you see the sailor - minus his hat and you get to decide which hat you should place on his head so he can start his adventures.  Our choices include a sailors hat, top hat or a Robin Hood style hat.  We quickly learn that the top hat nor the Robin Hood hat is the right choice!  Once we place the sailor hat on his head, it flips in the air, the sailor smiles, and we are brought back to the beginning of the story. The next icon we chose was the basket of apples.  This takes us to … [Read more...]