10 Places to Visit with the Family this Summer


Both my parents were raised in the Midwest and thus big fans of fishing.  As kids,  we would spend many a summer taking trips to various fishing spots to catch the next big one!  Summer vacations with the family can be a great time to create long-lasting memories.  I can still remember making S'mores  while staying in a Big Bear cabin and hearing bears outside our place rummaging through the trash cans (this was before they made the trash cans bear-proof).  We sat inside looking at each other wide-eyed eating our S'mores and giggling nervously.  I still remember those times fondly! Here are some great places to visit with your family this summer courtesy of Parents.com.  And Colleen Gurney, an elementary schoolteacher, put together a wonderful  Vacation Family Journal that your kids can fill out while on your family trip.  Have a great time this summer!     The … [Read more...]