App of the Week: Quest for the Museum Treasures


    This educational game brings together some of the best scientific minds from Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the fun, interactive world of Zachy the Robot. Produced with help from Carnegie Museum, Quest for the Museum Treasures lets kids discover new dinosaurs, uncover rare minerals, and learn about the distant past through fossils.   This is really a packed-filled app with so many wonderful educational aspects found throughout! The story opens up with an illustration to the entrance of a colorful museum and a large sign that says "Treasure."  Okay, I am sold already!  You click the Play button to start the story and an adorable voice says "Hi, Robo friends, type in your name here." Then you are asked "how old are you." with ages 3 to 6 listed, though I believe even your older children will love this app as well. Your child touches their correct age and then the next page … [Read more...]